Noir Rise of the Wyrm

Adventure log

From Rays perspective

So, I and Silver-shadow met up with the others after our sneaky adventure in the creepy mansion. I stuffed my bag full of documents and tapes we had found in a safe. It was hidden in the ground, so they had to be important. Also, they practically screamed wyrm business.

We didn’t really have any projector or whatever is needed, but the school Veronica and Aya go to apparently do! Fancy that!

We ran as wolves through the forest, and I had the homids clothes in my bag. Considered running off with them but decided not to. Would’ve been funny but kinda disruptive. Also they could just stay in lupus, ruin my cred as a Grade A prankster!

The school was dark and empty. I complained a bit about how humans just leave all this space unused during the day when there are people freezing on the streets. The others had some stupid arguments about it being inconvenient; I didn’t really listen.

Silver-shadow snuck off to what I rightly assumed was the school kitchen. The others didn’t notice, but when they did, they were getting worried and suggested splitting up. I told them they were just acting stupid and that Silver-shadow was fetching bacon. Because, what else? She lives on that shit and, free bacon? Who can say no to that! She arrived with perfect timing to prove my point with a faceful of bacon. I got to shoot off a smug smile; it felt great!

We headed off to what the kids called an assembly hall. Huge room. We had five tapes to watch, so we got started quite quickly.

We got the tape “Operation” into the machine, and it was kind of gross.

It was as expected a video of an operation. I won’t be graphic because, you know, gross. There was a guy that was unconscious. I was hoping for dead, but there was movement. They dug around inside, and under some intestines, there was a massive tumor. They cut it apart, and small worms crawled out. They popped it into an aquarium together with the tumor remains, and they ate it all up, I mean, what?

The second tape was called “Birth of a cobra” or something similar. Suprise! A woman was giving birth to a snake. They cut that up too, what’s their goal here?

Veronica is good at knowing shit, so she pointed out that the liver was waaay too tiny. I mean, that wasn’t the weird part. The snake came out of a human after all. That was weird; small liver could mean anything.

Aaanyways, the third tape was static white noise with some added screaming for flavor. A voice said “Release me” in some deep dark tone. It sent a chill down my spine but I probably made some smart remark, I do that a lot.

The fourth tape was called "Making of the great worm." Written in Latin.

That’s when the thing got uncomfortable for the kids. A woman in crinos was having sex with a man while people smeared them in blood. Blood-oath growled and said “black spiral dancers.” I felt a chill go down my spine since i had heard it before. The kids were thankfully oblivious.

When they… uh.. Finished their “love making” she ate him. Quite rude and disgusting, and that’s coming from me. I eat garbage and Mama jays gumbo.

The last tape was called “Death of the prophet”. Sounded ominous, with a right. The same woman gave birth while in crinos. That wasn’t disturbing At All. If they don’t want mistakes like me being born, show this to all the cubs. “Hey, younglings! Today we will show you what happens if you do the hanky panky with another werewolf! It’s disgusting and so is what comes out!” I mean, hey what came out was a disgusting worm, but some would say that’s an improvement to some metis. The kids looked mortified, and i told them that isn’t what it’s like for most births. Leave it up to the metis and lupus to teach them about the birds and the bees, what could happen?

The worm-snake-thing ate everyone and everything. The cameraman got fucked up and then it was over. Stunned silence and Blood-oath thought it was a great moment to head off and patrol the house. Leaving it to me to calm them down. Yeah, bright idea. Not. Let the mentally fucked up one try to say the right thing.

Veronica almost worked herself into a frenzy, and I was ready to take it for the team. Luckily she managed to calm down and so did the rest. We got our furry asses out of there and got to the Caern. I talked to Wyrm-Chaser and handed her the tapes and documents. Also gave her a report about what we had seen and the importance of further patrols around the mansion.

Luckily they gave us some time off. Don’t know if the kids would’ve made it otherwise. Everyone just ran off as soon as they could, leaving me alone. In the dark. Douchebags.

I sat down brooding and Laughs-at-death and i had a surprisingly deep discussion about being born a freak.

After a while, Silver-shadow came back and fell asleep in my lap. Silly thing. 



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