Noir Rise of the Wyrm

Adventure logg


It is December 5th 1949 ingame

Our heroes start with a small briefing at the hanging tree by blood Oath Then. They then transforms in to Lupus and goes back to the mansion. Once there the group decided that Ray, Veronica and Silver-Shadow should sneak in to the mansion while Aya was to stay behind if she was to be needed to do something on the outside. Things happening outside are going to be written inside *.

They decided to use the window in the garage to get into the house. Ray used sense wyrm and got a funky feeling (totally the right term) right under the laundry room that was on the other side of the hallway. The gang went to the staircase to go down where they run in to two guard that they knocked and put in the elevator.

Instead of of going down at once the girls decided to investigate the rest of the floor. In one direction they found a sleeping accommodation where they threw in the two knocked guards, and in the other one they found a kitchen, and in the walk in fridge they found tree dead body one wolf, one human and one of a four year old boy filed with wyrm worms. SS almost frenzyd 

* Blood Oath jumped out of the umbra to tell Aya to come an look at something in the umbra. While there  he showed our young thurge what was a ordinary fence in the Gaian Realm was here a wall witch seamed to have veins with green blood in them. Aya then returned to the physical world. *

SS then left the fridge and slammed the door witched made a guard to walk to the kitchen. So they knocked him and put him with the room with the other knocked guards. The the other guards had started to wake upp, so Veronica knocked them again and tied down all three. Ray them ran in to a maid and Rays wyrm-senses spiked, so she knocked her too and she is tied and put with the guards. Our tree heroes goes down the stairs and fiends and fights two guards. One knocks and one dies.

*Aya sees a car coming back to the mansion and driving up to the garage. She calls up the Wyver and asks him to tell the other girls that a car is riving up to the mansion.The wyver tells her that he will do his best. *

The Wyver gives tis message to the other girls, and they decide to split upp to cover more of the mansion before the owner discovered that half his security team was tied down in a bedroom. SS finds a big door and tries to smash it down but fails, twice. Ray and Veronica finds something that looks like a "temple room" with an egg on a pedestal in the middle, surrounded by a circle on the floor. Ray gets strong whyrm-mojo from the egg and decides to try and destroy it, but cant get in to the circle, so she start to trow something on it. And after a few tires she manage to push it down from the pedestal and it brakes and out from it a small worm (always there worms, gush i hate the wyrm..) start to crawl out of it. Ray tells Veronica to run for it, but she decides to stay. 

Ray then finds then a shelf with books, and without letting the worm out of her sight she starts to examine the books. They proves to all have the same title, the same as the book Ray stole from this very house a few months ago. Veronica starts to look at the altar at the other side of the rooms. It is shown to be an casket and under the lid there is several urns. Veronica uses the lid lid to crouch the worm by tilting it over it and lets it just fall on it.

Behind the altar there is a door and behind it there is a room with more occult books an skins from humans. Then SS comes back and says that she need Ray to open a door, which she does. inside there is several doors.

In one of the cells there was a old lady in a wheelchair, in another there is a young girl, but all of the flesh on one of her legs are totally gone. In two other there is something that some would call undead people, and without telling any of the other girls Ray kills whatever they where. At the and of the hallway there was tree more room. In one there was a man that was in the process of cutting of the eyelids of a young women and Ray beaches his head into the wall.

The next room is empty, but in the last one they finds a man who grabs a syringe when he sees that someone is coming. SS attacks him, but before she can kill him, she is injected with something that burns in her wains, but still manage to incapacitate him. Then they goes up with the young girl and the old lady in the wheelchair. But when they get to the garage they meet a man he tells him that they will not be able to leave the property. Dum dum dum…

Blood oath comes out of the umbra an literally pulls Aya in to it where he tells her that they cant get in too the mansion and asks if sha there is anything she can do as a theurge to help. She recalls a ritual, "Rite of cleansing". She asks Blood Oath is he can get hear a branch of a willow and then asks all the other gharo that are there if they can come in too the umbra to help her, which they do


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