Noir Rise of the Wyrm

Adventure logg 20/1

Session 17/1

The girls met up att the car were Ray showed of the new clothes that she and Aya has gotten them, and they then head of to he sept of the stone cauldron were they get the package from laughs-at-death that they are to transfer to Chicago.

While there they are met by some new faces, three garou and a wolf. Silver-shadow introduces the wolf as Gray-Gem, her husband, and the tree garou introduces themselves as his bodyguards and one of them will always be with him.

Then they go into the umbra to get the object from laughs at death. The object is placed in a coffet that they are warned to never, under any condition, open. The contact in Chicago that it is for is named Conrad Richard Helmunt. Ray puts it in her Magpie Swag and they hed of to the car and to Chicago.

When they finally get there it is dark and the girl decide to find the bonegnawr and fianna carn to rest in for the night. After a trip to the umbra they find the sept of the Urban Seed. They are greeted and given shelter and food. They are given a tent and the girls go to sleep after they have eaten of the food that they are given. Ray and Silver- shadow sleeps under the fetish-blanket, and when Veronica starts so spasm as if the is having nightmares Ray pulls also her under the blanket. Aya is the last to fall asleep and the first to wake upp.

After breakfast they go to the gazebo to talk with the man that they introduce themselves to the evening before to ask about the man they are searching for, they are toled that he don't know where to find him, but that he has a bit of a reputation.

Aya, Silver-Shadow and Veronica goes to a gasstation to get a map, and then met Ray were they left the car, and then goes to the part of the city that they are toled that she Silverfang/ Glsss walker carn is and Veroniva and Aya goes into the umbra to check for the carn, and finds it, and the whole group goes to the house that they found.

There they are greeted by a man that introduced himself as the noble sir Edwin Vladitsch and once inside he toled the girls that Conrad might be fond at the Black Dog Club, but they should talk to a woman named Marika Bilak to get access, the girls will probably be most likely to find her at the Wight Dove Bar. 


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