Noir Rise of the Wyrm

Clubmeeting with the foilhat-club

Session 24/2 2017

We meet up with the girls when all of them except Ray were heading to sept of the Umbral Seed (the Bone gnawer/fianna Caern) with the baby boy. When they were getting close, they are met by two Garou in Hispo. They tell them that humans ain't suppose do be let in into the Caern, but they let the group pass after their explanation. When they get into the Caern they find it difficult to find help for the boy, but a woman on the council of elders help them. Her name is Iren Jonsen.

Aya stays with Iren while Silver-shadow uses the last of Veronicas healing talens. When silver-shadow has gotten all the help she can get from it they head back to the spring to go check on the baby. Where there is a discussion starting up about what is supposed to be done with the baby. Kurt says that they should kill the baby, in the name of mercy. When he says that Aya tells him otherwise and tells him that the curse of their biology did this, and that they have the responsibility to do everything they can to make it up to him. Killing him would only mean that they did not do right by their responsibility.

Iren says that she has some Kinfolk that will be able to take care of him but the girls will get to take care of the baby until dawn. When Kurt talks to Iren they notice that he has a tone of fear and disgust against her. When the group of people split up, Aya follows Kurt to find out more, there seems to be something that he is hiding. They talked and after a few minutes Kurt gives in and told Aya that Iden Jonsen is not to be trusted. That the caern is sick and that they should get away while they still could. To get the baby boy to the Sept of noble Reflection (Glass walker/Silver fangs, the other Caern of the city)

Silver-shadow hands the baby to Veronica and heads into the umbra. She walks down to the pond and calls on sensei Koi to get advice on the situation with the baby boy. She did not want to give him away, but look after him herself. After not really getting an answer she returns to the Realm. There she meets the Stargazer and Truth Catcher Chang Yho, they talk a bit and Yho tell Silver-shadow that she cant save everyone. 

Silver-shadow and Aya returns to Veronica at the same time and they get a message from Wyvern that Ray wants to meet them at 8. The girls move to their tent and there Aya tells them what she knows. They decide to leave the Caern, with the baby so collect their things and head to the car. There they get a message from Ray through the Wyvern that they should meet at the White dove at 7.30 instead. 

Before they leave Silver-shadow heads back to collect two of the koi fish from the pond. They stop at a shop on their way to the Sept of noble Reflection and Silver-shadow  sneaks in with her gift and steals a bunch of fish-stuff. There they leave the baby in the hands of a butler that promises to take care of him.


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