Noir Rise of the Wyrm

december 5th 1949 continuation


We are back outside the mansion were the man they talked to just told our heroes that it would not be possible for them to leave the premesis. 

Veronica decided to att least tyr and started climbing the wall around the mansion, but gets a strong feeling of disgusts which get stronger as she gets higher up. and gives upp before she reaches the top

SS slipped in to the Umbra and sees that the wall here is made of compost, and there is a big dome of tentacles coming out of the top of it. SS draws the conclusion that it is of the wyrm and is an defense system, probably triggered by when they broke the egg. She then asks the Wyver to ask Aya if she can do something to help them get out of the mansion, he says that he will do what she asks

On the other side Aya seas the wyver coming and breathing fier on the dome and then flying towards her and landing near her to then forward Silver-Shadows message. The grope (Aya, Blood-oath and the wyver) decides that they will go forward with the cleansing rittual as planed. The wyver forwards that message to Silver-Shadow. 

On the inside ray tries to climb the wall as Veronica did, and gets the same reaction, but musters it out. (SS returns from the umbra)When Ray are to get over the top of the wall it starts to feel as it is burning on her, but she dosn't give upp, but then SS pules her dow from the wall and they sees that her fur is burned and that she has gotten quite harsh burns on her skin too. 

Veronica then goes back to the mansion, but do dot see the guard that crouches in the hedges and inside the garage. But ray and SS sees them. A fight brakes out and Ray kill 1, ray incapacitated 2 and Veronica Superkills 1. The guards also killed one of the persons they rescued form the basement. Ray goes back into the house to look if there is more surprises.

Aya started the ritual in the umbra  .

Ray finders the guy that they met in the garage in the basement. They talked and after 2 attempts on sense Wyrm she manage to feel that he has wyrm on him, but he ain't of wyrm. He tells Ray that he is a Vampire. Ray tells the man that they will burn down the house and that he therefore should leave. He wants free passage out of there, and as payment he is willing to tell them everything he now about the persons that are borrowing the mansion of him. SS popes into the Umbra and sees that the room here is a big ass church-like room with bane like worms that are trying to find a way out of ther. SS goes back to the Realm and tells the other girls what she saw.

In the Umbra Aya succeed with the cleansing ritual. Go girl!

Ray and the man continues to talk with the Vampire and the girls take the deal and then they feel something that feel like an earthquake and hear blood oath roar and goes ut to the ground where they see a lightly burned Blood-oth. They tell blood oath what they has found out as far (That the Black Spiral cancers is behind this) and in anger she pules Veronica in to the umbra to smack the banes that are slipping out ot the Umbra from the house.

in the umbra Aya seas this and goes to help them. 

Ray and SS  if left with the vampire and he tell them the following

The person he knows is named Carl Barlo, (Ray remembers that he is involved with the polish mafia here and in St. Luis and in Chicago.) He has almost supernatrual green eyes and hides them with sunglasses, a well cropped bear and greaser-looking hair. Often hangs on the local Otolus. He manages an asfalt-plantage on the south-east outskirts of st. Louis. He lives in the slum outside the city by the highway it is an wight trash area. But the Vampire hits that he might not be there anymore. He has a picture of him, but it is in his study, so there gang goes upstairs to get it. After they get the picture they let the Vampire go. 

They all discusses (after the battle against all the banes is over) what they should do with the two humans they rescued from the basement that is till alive, and a quite heated decision they decide to take them to the hanging tree and oak friend comes to help the humans. Then they goes back to the sept to give a report and then there is party time!


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