Noir Rise of the Wyrm

The mansion of madness

From Rays perspective!

So, this day started alright. Got up, got some grub, had a run with silver-shadow. We met the others at the hanging tree when it was time to get going and hopefully kick some ass! Oh boy, we had no idea what we were getting into with this one.
We were to head to the mansion because they for some reason thought that we’d know the place. I mentioned that we only saw one corridor, but blood-oath waved me off. The dick.

We run on four legs, silver-shadow playfully darting in the front and we got there quite quickly. The place looked creepy but what mansion doesn’t in the middle of the night? Especially with humans running about waving guns. 

We realized that we might need someone outside to save our furry behinds if something went wrong. Aya stayed behind since Veronica can fight, Silver-shadow is sneaky, and I’m amazing at everything!
We decided to enter through the window of the garage; we fit easily through it. I used my ability to sense Wyrm and the feeling I got just ain't right. It was centered around below the laundry room, yes, really. The wyrm infestation was below a laundry room. 

The others decided that we should sweep the floor for some reason. Whatever, it was a “group decision.” We knocked out some guards and Veronica, and silver-shadow hid them somewhere. I was more focused on the tainted eerie presence of wyrm taint wafting up from the staircase. It put me on edge. 
We walked into a freezer and saw the dead body of a wolf, some adult human, and a small boy. I had to maneuver Veronica out so she wouldn’t do something stupid. My heart was breaking for silver-shadow, it must’ve been hard for her too. She was just less of a liability. I'm too jaded for grieving their deaths. At least they don't have to suffer anymore. 

Silver-shadow slammed the door of the walk-in freezer, and it alerted a guard. We knocked him out, and he was carried off.
I ran into a maid and threatened her with a gun. She spiked my wyrm-radar, and we tied her up instead of letting her go. Fucking wyrm-swine.
We finally went down to the basement, and the Wyvern sent us a message from Aya. A car was heading up. Shit. We split up to cover more ground and find the source of the Wyrm taint. Veronica and I found it. A fucking egg in the middle of the room on some pedestal. It reminded us of a particular video we watched.
I couldn’t get into the ring around it and my tries to throw stuff at it did nothing. Veronica fucking lifted off what we assumed was this sacrificing table and made it fall over the egg. It worked. The kid made me look like an idiot.

Worms came slithering out, as they apparently always do. I tell Veronica to bolt; it was my decision to do this after all. The stubborn child didn’t though. It was just as well, what happened upstairs could've gone very wrong if she didn't have us there.

Silver-shadow had been trying to go through this steel-enforced door and fetched us to help. I got to play the hero and defeat the evil door with my magic powers! Inside I kind of felt like I shouldn’t have. It reeked of Wyrm and had humans suffering from the gravest wounds brought on by torture and experiments. I spared the ones that had a chance of making it. I saved the rest by letting them go. I didn’t want Veronica or Silver-shadow to try to save them or make the decision themselves. I have a cold heart, a warriors heart and I don’t want them to become like me. Nobody should have to.

In the last room, there was a man that wasn't a victim, before I could do anything silver-shadow jumps him. She didn’t see the syringe he was holding, and he plunged it into her soft hide. The heartbreaking yelp she gave out will never leave my nightmares. Just another voice added to the sea of guilt. 
Wait, this got sad. I’m really not like this all the time! It just gets to me, you know? I care about her so much and if I was faster, better, stronger I could’ve kept her from harm. I whisper to her to change into lupus. She heals better, and I could carry her easier. I lift her up in my arms and bring her upstairs, holding her close, safe. Veronica got tasked with taking the survivors up the stairs.

When we get to the garage, there’s a man there. I hated him right away. That disgusting smug smile, I just wanted to tear it off. He said we were now unable to leave the house, and I said I didn’t care because he couldn't leave either. He made the mistake of believing that we’d rather make a deal than give our lives for Gaia. To bring an end to whatever was happening downstairs.

He realized that it was a hopeless case, so he disappeared. He seemed to have vanished, but the corner of my eye said that that he was just really fast. 

Which meant that you Can leave the property, it’s just hard. 


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