Breed: Metis.
Auspice: Galliard.
Tribe: Shadow Lord.
Rank: Athro
Station: Master of the howl and member of the council of elders in the sept of the burning heart.


A talkative and easy going guy. With a jazz musician type attitude, a voice with a broad range of tone to it. He is often seen in his Crinos form. In Crinos his coat is a sleek black and blue with an intense shine to it. It has grown matted with age, grey protruding here and there. It is seen especially much in his magnificent sideburns which have an almost mutton-chop look to them which also translates to a gray muzzle.
The greatest visible deformity of him is that he seems to have misshapen genitals significantly covered in hair. On a closer inspection, you can see that his toes are webbed as well.
He’s commonly found practising his eight-stringed guitar which is handmade by himself.



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