Pioter Dawnborn


Breed: Homid
Auspice: Phildox
Tribe: Silverfang
Rank: Elder
Station: Truthcatcher and council of elders member of the sept of he burneing heart.


Pioter is a Calm old man, he is well respected within his sept and in the near area He is a part of the Dawnborn lineage. Which is a somewhat old and well respected family line. Silverfangs knows that they are also vassals of the Noble house of the Unbreakble Hearth..
He is currently head of the Dawnborn family and dearly cares for his great grand daughter Veronica Frost. He has even legally adopted her. He has gone frail and the age is catching up with him ever since the battle for the Caern of the Burning Heart. He now days mostly rests and have trouble moving around. A few motherings from the more conservative with in the sept speaks of a distaste for having a weakling for a truthcatcher and mas. But they are often reminded why he sits on his position when he makes a witty comeback or gracefully solves a legal matter.


Pioter Dawnborn

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