Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Rank: Fostern
Station: Den Father and keeper of the land of the sept of the burning heart.


Splashing-wolf is mostly seen in his lupus form which got black and dark brown fur and brown warm eyes.
He’s a somewhat Cub like Lupus that enjoys the occasional prank but he seems to have quite the serious side too. It’s only brought out when required..
As most lupus born he dislikes Homid and glabro forms and tend to stayas close to his breed form as possible. With a heavy heart he witnessed the attack of the Caern of the burning heart with Veronica and silver-shadow, he made sure they did not rush into the doomed battle.
He sees himself kind of like a big brother to Silver-Shadow Even though he might not have uttered those thoughts aloud.the love is still there.



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