Noir Rise of the Wyrm

Adventure logg

Session 13/12

The session started with that our heroes reassembled outside the mansion and Ray and Silver-Shadow showed the types they found inside. They decided that they should go to the two Homids school to check them out. They had no problem breaking in too the school, but when they got in Silver shadow sleeked away form the gang to get some bacon from the kitchen. 'Cous Bacon! It took tome time for the group to notice that she was gone, but after a while they did, and not short there after Silver shadow returned with a tremendous amount of raw bacon. They went to the assembly hall to use the projector to investigate what was on the types. There was 5 types that was named "Operation" and then a three-digit number. One of those proved to be that seamed to be an operation of an unconscious man. Under his intestines  a kind of tumor was found. Then they cut the thing i two and it was found to be filled with small worms. When they pored both tumor and worms in a "aquarium" and the wormers started to consume there shell. Then they watched a video that was named "birth of the cobra" but in Latin from December of 1948. Which was of a woman that, tied to a maternal chair, gave birth to (XXXunder great pain. It seamed normal, but had a way to small liver. Then they listened to a type with only noise with several voices screaming and then one said "I let it in" and all the other voices stopped and the same voice said, but in a lower key "Release me". Then they watched the third tape. "Making of the great worm" in Latin. Our heroes seas a women in crinos having sex with a man while the spectators smeared blood on the two persons. When they climaxes the women ate up the man. At the beginning of the tape Blood Oath mumbled "Black spiral Dancers". The last type was named "Death of the profeth" and was of tha same woman giving birth in crinos to a worm that then ate hear up and then attacked the prrsone that was holding the camera. Blood Oath then said that he would go and patrol, and our heroes should go back to the Carn and report, which they did. And after that all of the girls tryed to process what they just had see, for an example both Aya and Veronica went out in the forest to run and Ray sat dow and talked too Laughs at Death. After a few days they are called back and given the mission to goi back to the mansion and learn more. T.B.C


Katiekat emma_naglitsch

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